Youn-kyung Lim

Dr. Youn-kyung Lim is an associate professor at the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST in South Korea. Her research directions include experience-centered design and aesthetics of interaction as well as prototyping in interaction design especially for creative interaction design in the domains of CHI, DIS, UbiComp and CSCW. She is a recipient of the 2009 Microsoft Research New Faculty Award by Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). She has been participating in service activities as PC or TPC members for major top international conferences in the areas of HCI and Design such as CHI, UbiComp, DIS, DRS, and IASDR.

Ron Wakkary

Ron Wakkary is a Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he established the Everyday Design Studio, a design research studio that explores interaction design. He is also Visiting Professor and Chair of the Impact of Interaction Design on Everyday Life in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Wakkary’s research investigates the changing nature of interaction design in response to everyday design practices like home life, DIY, amateur experts, hobbyists, and sustainability. Wakkary publishes regularly in design and human-computer-interaction journals and conferences. He is an Editor-in-Chief of ACM interactions, Director of the Interaction Design Research Centre at SFU, member of the SIGCHI Executive Committee, and a member of the Steering Committee for Tangible Embedded/Embodied Interaction (TEI).


Daniel Saakes

Daniel Saakes is trained as an industrial design engineer at Delft University of Technology and he likes making things and making things that make things. Before joining Industrial Design KAIST, he has been active at ID Studiolab, MIT Medialab, Keio University, Japan Science and Technology Agency, University of Tokyo and Umea Institute of Design.

Tek-Jin Nam

Tek-Jin Nam is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST, South Korea. He leads Design Research Laboratory at KAIST. He teaches Interactive Product Design Studio, Interaction Prototyping, and Design Research Issue at KAIST. His research interests lie at the intersection of industrial design and design-oriented human–computer interaction. The focus is on creating people-centric values of future products and services (Augmented Design as noun) and structured approaches to creative design and innovation (Augmented Design as verb). He is also interested in harmoniously integrating design research with practice.

Kun-pyo Lee

Kun-pyo Lee is Professor and Head of Department, Industrial Design, KAIST, South Korea and Director of Human Centered Interaction Design Lab. He is also serving as President of International Association of Societies of Design Research. He was Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Design Center of LG Electronics. His research interests include User Experience Design, User-Centered Design Methods, and Empowering Design. He is serving editors in major design related journals including Design Studies, International Journal of Design, and Journal of Design Business & Society. His contribution to design research and education was recognized by appointment of Honorary Fellow of DRS and local hero of CHI.